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AYSO Section 9

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2/9/12 EXPO 2023

Section 2/9/12

Chandler, AZ   April 11-14, 2024


AYSO Sections 2/9/12 will be hosting the 2024 Southwest EXPO April 11-14 2024 in Chandler Arizona.  We are very excited to be holding this event again in the historical city of Chandler and are looking forward to a great event with many new and returning AYSO volunteers, a vendor showcase, and AYSO National office staff in attendance. 

Who Should Attend

The AYSO EXPO is designed to educate new and returning volunteers in current board member, coach, referee, management, and special interest trainings.  AYSO Regions and Areas should consider the following when sending volunteers to an EXPO.

  • Immerse yourself in a full weekend of training.  Although we live in a different world now that includes webinars, Zoom or Team meetings, fully immersing yourself with other AYSO volunteers for a weekend of training, collaboration, and fun makes your decision to become an AYSO volunteer all the better!
  • Leadership or volunteer training for existing or potential board members.  Succession planning is a key component to running a successful Region or Area.  AYSO EXPOs assist with the engagement of volunteers who have the desire or potential to lead a Region.  
  • AYSO EXPOs provide instructor courses which assist Regions and Areas in self teachings of coach, referee, or management certification courses.  If you want to become an AYSO instructor, the EXPO is the place to be to learn your craft!
  • AYSO Volunteers who want to engage with others across the three Sections territories and learn knew ways of doing things that can positively affect their Region or Area. 
  • Those who have an interest in learning how to use the newest or update AYSO platforms, such as Affinity, EtrainU, and QuickBooks.

Why Should You Attend

The AYSO EXPO offers a unique experience for the volunteer to collaborate with other volunteers to better themselves and their co-volunteers in the hopes they bring new and exciting ideas back to their Regions and Areas which may help promote succession planning, player and volunteer growth, community engagement, and possibly add board specific subject matter experts.  

What Does it Cost to Attend

Your Region or Area should have budgeted money to send volunteers to the EXPO.  If you have interest in attending, please contact your Regional Commissioner or Area Director.

If you are a Regional Commissioner or Area Director, please consider these thoughts if you are on the fence about your Region or Areas participation in the 2024 EXPO. 

  • Are you not sending volunteers to the EXPO because you feel the same old courses are being offered.  We have 50% new courses this year on our agenda since 2021, and if you are a new attendee to the EXPO, that’s 100% new courses they’ve never taken!
  • Do you feel the cost is not worth sending an interested volunteer.  Part of RC and AD training is budgeting for events like EXPOs and NAGMs. 
  • Are you currently performing every job duty for your Region or Area?  If so, an EXPO is the perfect event to send volunteers that can help you.  Delegation and trust are not always easy but giving that board member or coach or referee the tools to become a critical part of your Region or Area can take stress and time away from you feeling the burden of being the sole Region or Area “go-to” person.

Thanks, and hope to see you all in Chandler!

Mike Morrissey – S2 Director

Shannon Gordon – S9 Director

Donny Cannoy – S12 Director