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Feb, 2022

2021-22 Regions of the Year

Region 1564 - Region of the Year

Region 9/R1564 in Bridger Valley, WY as Region of the Year.  This last year the Regional Commissioner MarNae Lord has been successful in completing in a timely manner her registration and background check  and not letting them lapse, has completed RC Training,and was an early adopter and user of both Divvy and Zipbooks. She also keeps her board list updated in the AYSO Platform.  In addition to all of this, she was in regular attendance on the National Board of DIrectors business sessions, especially during the height of the pandemic, so she could stay on top of all the information and guidance that was being given.
Region 1564 offers Core and Playground. They are a small region in Bridger Valley with a population of around 6,000 that serves several different towns spread throughout the valley. They are the only AYSO region in the state of WY. Their number of players grows each year and in 2021, they had 323 players from ages 4 to 14, an increase of 11% over 2019. It is pretty easy to connect with the community because they know almost everyone and are the only fall soccer program offered. They do have to share their nice, big park so they only offer the fall program. One exciting fact about the region is that they have moose come into the park during practices and games. Usually they leave us all alone, but MarNae does have the game warden on speed dial if needed. 

Region 536 - Region of the Year
Region 9/M/536 in Bozeman, MT as Region of the Year. Regional Commissioner Dave Yaggy has also been successful at maintaining current volunteer registration and background check status. He was eager to adopt and begin using Divvy and Zipbooks in his region to make things easier for his Treasurer and region volunteers. He also works with his registrar to make sure his board list is accurate. Dave works hard to provide quality soccer for Bozeman and the surrounding communities and strives to maintain a strong relationship with the city and parks organizations they are apart of.  He has seen his players grow from 616 in 2019 to 874 in 2022.  He lives by the AYSO philosophies in all that he does.

Congratulations to our Regions of the Year!